Pack N Roll

The Pack N Roll is a patented, heavy duty portable cable dispenser designed to make managing installations using Type MC and Type AC Cables easier. To set up the Pack N Roll, place the cable inside and feed the end of the cable through the side opening. Place the cover on top and the system is ready to use.

Pulling cable is fast and easy, preventing tangles of cable during installation. Once installation is complete, rotate the remaining coil to pull the end back inside the system for storage. AFC’s Pack N Roll keeps cable organized and clean while transporting from one job site to the next. In addition, the systems are stackable, providing for easy transportation of multiple coils from site to site without messy uncoiling. Pack N Roll also works with NM Cable.

AFC’s Pack N Roll system fits most commonly used sizes of Type AC and Type MC Cables. This system is perfect for electrical contractors who perform remodels and small construction or electrical services projects who transport coils from job site to job site.

See how easy the system is to use in our video below.

  • Pull cable faster without tangles
  • Fits most commonly used sizes of MC and AC cables
  • Great for storage, service and addition projects
  • Keeps coils neat and organized on the job site for easy reuse
  • Eliminates scrap
  • Reduces cable memory
  • Stackable

Part Number: 9989-BE

Pack n Roll Installation Steps


Step 1: Remove the lid and place the coil into the container.

Step 2: Pull the end of the cable through the opening on the side of the container.

Step 3: Pull the cable until the desired length is reached, cut the cable.

When done, wind the coil to return the end of the cable to the inside of the container to keep the cable clean and dry.