How can our NEW MC Glide product save you time on the job? Our new Savings Calculator below uses your own labor rates and time to estimate cost savings when using MC Glide cables compared to traditional Metal Clad Cables. This calculator is designed to show how AFC Cable Systems adds value to jobs by connecting labor and time savings with dollars saved on cable installation.

Estimates are based on the potential time saved routing cables through metal studs and ceilings on an average job site not including the time it takes to terminate the cable. Your savings could be greater or less depending on actual installation.

To use the calculator, enter in your labor rate, the time to complete the job and total footage of cable to be installed along with the cost you are currently paying for metal clad cable. Calculating the ROI will compare your current cable installation cost with the savings of using MC Glide. You can then email the results or save them as a PDF.

Try it out and experience the smoother, faster, easier installation with MC Glide.

To learn more about MC Glide, view our video, and to see the offering, visit our MC Glide page. You can also call your local sales representative or contact us at

Remember, this calculator is for calculating the time saved routing cables through metal studs and ceilings. It does not include the time it takes to terminate the cable.

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Calculate Your Potential Savings

12-2 MC GlideTM
$ / hour
hr / 1,000 ft
$ / 1,000 ft
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