MC-Quik cables were developed in 2012 and introduced a metal clad cable (MC Cable) without an overall polypropylene wrap. This new construction of cable is referred to as MCI-A cables because of the style of fittings used during installation.

AFC has combined a feature of Armored Cables (AC Cable) with the armor in conjunction with an aluminum bond wire that can be used as a grounding means. In addition, AFC Cable added a labor saving feature of extruding the polypropylene wrap over each individual conductor. Removing the overall tape eliminates the time to remove it to access the conductors and eliminates the waste of the scrap. Without the overall tape, contractors do not need to spend time unraveling the tape to expose the conductors and then trim off the excess. When installation is complete, there is less waste to be cleaned up on the job site.

AFC Cable offers MC-Quik in both steel and aluminum versions with various configurations and conductor color options.

To learn more about our MC-Quik, watch the video below.

AFC Cable also offers a healthcare (HCF) version of MC-Quik called MC-Stat. MC-Stat utilizes a redundant green ground to comply with healthcare requirements.

MC-Quik Installation Instructions


MCI-A steel armor – Metal Clad Cable (Patent Pending)

New Type MC Cable without an overall assembly tape featuring ColorSpec®

Features & Benefits

  • Interlocking galvanized steel or aluminum armor
  • Purple armor for easy cable identification
  • Armor plus full-sized aluminum ground wire is the equipment grounding means (MC Quik Steel)
  • Protective covering over each insulated copper conductor
  • MCI-A listed connectors required
  • UL Classified for Through-Wall Penetrations
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials


  • Commercial, industrial, multi-residential branch circuits for power, lighting, control and signal circuit.
  • Exposed or concealed, dry locations, fished, surface mounted, embedded in plaster, environmental air handling spaces, in hazardous locations to Class I & II, Div 2 and Class III, Div. 1 & 2 (per NEC® Articles 501, 502, 503, 530), Places of Assembly per NEC® Article 518.




Galvanized Interlocking Steel Strip (purple striped) – MC Quik Steel

Interlocked Aluminum Strip – MC Quik Lite


Solid/Stranded Copper

Conductor Insulation

Type THHN with protective polypropylene covering on each insulated conductor (no messy assembly tape)

Maximum Temperature

90°C (dry) Rating


One grounding means – armor PLUS full-sized aluminum ground/bond conductor NEC® 250.118(10)(b)

Neutral Conductor

White 120/208V – Gray 277/480V


600V Voltage Rating

References & Ratings

  • UL 1569, UL 83, UL 1479, UL 1581, UL 2556, E80042
  • Federal spec A-A–59544 (formerly J-C–30B)
  • NEC® 330, 300.22(C), 230.43, 250.118, 392, 396, 501, 502, 503, 530, 518, 520, 645, 690.31(E)
  • Permitted for use in Cable Trays
  • Meets all OSHA and HUD requirements
  • May be surface mounted, fished and/or embedded in plaster
  • UL Classified 1, 2, and 3 hour through (Fire) penetration product, R–14141
  • NEC® 300.22(C) Environmental Air Handling Spaces
  • Cable Tray Rated, install per NEC®
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials

Product Information: MC Quik Steel

Product Code No. 250’ CoilProduct Code No. 1000’ ReelTrade Size AWGCopper Cond. TypeConductor ColorsBonding/Bond Cond. AWGCable Nominal O.D. (in)Approx. Weight 1000 Ft. (lbs.)
120/208V solid
7701-42-00 7701-60-0014/2Solid (black,white)120.42293
7702-42-007702-60-0014/3Solid(black,red, white)120.467120
7703-42-007703-60-0014/4Solid(black, red, blue, white)120.503144
7704-42-007704-60-0012/2Solid(black, white)100.463122
7704-42-04*7704-60-04*12/2Solid(red, white)100.463122
7704-42-05*7704-60-05*12/2Solid(blue, white)100.463122
7705-42-007705-60-0012/3Solid(black, red, white)100.523159
7705-42-04*7705-42-04*12/3Solid(red, blue, white)100.523159
7705-42-05*7705-60-05*12/3Solid(black, blue, white)100.523159
7706-42-007706-60-0012/4Solid(black, red, blue, white)100.565208
7707-42-007707-60-0010/2Solid(black, white)80.525182
7707-42-04*7707-60-04*10/2Solid(red, white)80.525182
7707-42-05*7707-60-05*10/2Solid(blue, white)80.525182
7708-42-007708-60-0010/3Solid(black, red, white)80.601240
7708-42-04*7708-60-04*10/3Solid(red, blue, white)80.601240
7708-42-05*7708-60-05*10/3Solid(blue, black, white)80.601240
7709-42-007709-60-0010/4Solid(black, red, blue, white)80.651309
120/208V Stranded
7758-42-00*7758-60-00*12/2Stranded(black, white)100.482127
7759-42-007759-60-0012/3Stranded(black, red, white)100.539166
277/480V Solid
7704-42-017704-60-0112/2Solid(brown, gray)100.463122
7704-42-02*7704-60-02*12/2Solid(orange, gray)100.463122
7704-42-03*7704-60-03*12/2Solid(yellow, gray)100.463122
7704-42-07*7704-60-07*12/2Solid(purple, gray)100.463122
7705-42-017705-60-0112/3Solid(brown, orange, gray)100.523159
7705-42-027705-60-0212/3Solid(orange, yellow, gray)100.523159
7706-42-017706-60-0112/4Solid(brown, orange, yellow, gray)100.565208
7707-42-017707-60-0110/2Solid(brown, gray)80.525182
7707-42-02*7707-60-02*10/2Solid(orange, gray)80.525182
7707-42-03*7707-60-03*10/2Solid(yellow, gray)80.525182
7707-42-07*7707-60-07*10/2Solid(purple, gray)80.525182
7708-42-017708-60-0110/3Solid(brown, orange, gray)80.601240
7708-42-02*7708-60-02*10/3Solid(orange, yellow, gray)80.601240
7708-42-03*7708-60-03*10/3Solid(yellow, brown, gray)80.601240
7708-42-07*7708-60-07*10/3Solid(purple, brown, gray)80.601240
7709-42-017709-60-0110/4Solid(brown, orange, yellow, gray)80.651309
7709-42-07*7709-60-07*10/4Solid(purple, brown, yellow, gray)80.651309
NOTE: All dimensions and weights are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.
*Subject to minimums and lead times

Product Information: MC Quik Lite – Aluminum

Product Code 250’ CoilProduct Code 1000’ ReelTrade Size AWGBare Alum. Bonding/Bond Cond. AWGLength (feet) CoilLength (feet) ReelArmor Nom. O.D. (In)Approx Weight / 1000 Feet (lbs)
120/208V Solid
3101Z42-003101Z60-0014-2 Solid (Black,White)1225010000.42266
3102Z42-003102Z60-0014-3 Solid (Black,Red, White)1225010000.46788
3103Z42-00*3103Z60-00*14-4 Solid (Black, Red, Blue, White)1225010000.503109
3104Z42-003104Z60-0012-2 Solid (Black, White1025010000.46390
3104Z42-043104Z60-0412-2 Solid Red, White)1025010000.46390
3104Z42-053104Z60-0512-2 Solid (Blue, White)1025010000.46390
3105Z42-003105Z60-0012-3 Solid (Black, Red, White)1025010000.523122
3105Z42-04*3105Z60-04*12-3 Solid Red, Blue, White)1025010000.523122
3105Z42-05*3105Z60-05*12-3 Solid (Black, Blue, White)1025010000.523122
3106Z42-003106Z60-0012-4 Solid (Black, Red, Blue, White)1025010000.565151
3107Z42-003107Z60-0010-2 Solid (Black, White)825010000.525131
3107Z42-04*3107Z60-04*10-2 Solid (Red, White)825010000.525131
3107Z42-05*3107Z60-05*10-2 Solid (Blue, White)825010000.525131
3108Z42-003108Z60-0010-3 Solid (Black, Red, White)825010000.601178
3108Z42-04*3108Z60-04*10-3 Solid (Red, Blue, White)825010000.601178
3108Z42-05*3108Z60-05*10-3 Solid (Black, Blue, White)825010000.601178
3109Z42-003109Z60-0010-4 Solid (Black, Red, Blue, White)825010000.651242
277/480V Solid
3104Z42-013104Z60-0112-2 Solid (Brown, Gray)1025010000.46390
3104Z42-023104Z60-0212-2 Solid (Orange, Gray)1025010000.46390
3104Z42-033104Z60-0312-2 Solid (Yellow, Gray)1025010000.46390
3104Z42-07*3104Z60-07*12-2 Solid (Purple, Gray)1025010000.46390
3105Z42-013105Z60-0112-3 Solid (Brown, Orange, Gray)1025010000.523122
3105Z42-02*3105Z60-02*12-3 Solid (Orange, Yellow, Gray)1025010000.523122
3105Z42-03*3105Z60-03*12-3 Solid (Yellow, Brown, Gray)1025010000.523122
3106Z42-013106Z60-0112-4 Solid (Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray)1025010000.565151
3107Z42-013107Z60-0110-2 Solid (Brown, Gray)825010000.525131
3107Z42-02*3107Z60-02*10-2 Solid (Orange, Gray)825010000.525131
3107Z42-03*3107Z60-03*10-2 Solid (Yellow, Gray)825010000.525131
3108Z42-013108Z60-0110-3 Solid (Brown, Orange, Gray)825010000.601178
3108Z42-023108Z60-0210-3 Solid (Orange, Yellow, Gray)825010000.601178
3108Z42-033108Z60-0310-3 Solid (Yellow, Brown, Gray)825010000.601178
3109Z42-013109Z60-0110-4 Solid (Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray)825010000.651242
120/208V Stranded
3158Z42-003158Z60-0012-2 Stranded (Black, White)1025010000.48294
3158Z42-043158Z60-0412-2 Stranded Red, White)1025010000.48294
3158Z42-053158Z60-0512-2 Stranded (Blue, White)1025010000.48294
3159Z42-003159Z60-0012-3 Stranded (Black, Red, White)1025010000.523126
3160Z42-003160Z60-0012-4 Stranded (Black, Red, Blue, White)1025010000.585158
3161Z42-003161Z60-0010-2 Stranded (Black, White)825010000.552151
3162Z42-003162Z60-0010-3 Stranded (Black, Red, White)825010000.625202
3163Z42-003163Z60-0010-4 Stranded (Black, Red, Blue, White)825010000.680261
277/480V Stranded
3158Z42-013158Z60-0112-2 Stranded (Brown, Gray)1025010000.48294
3158Z42-023158Z60-0212-2 Stranded (Orange, Gray)1025010000.48294
3158Z42-033158Z60-0312-2 Stranded (Yellow, Gray)1025010000.48294
3159Z42-013159Z60-0112-3 Stranded (Brown, Orange, Gray)1025010000.539126
3159Z42-023159Z60-0212-3 Stranded (Orange, Yellow, Gray)1025010000.539126
3159Z42-033159Z60-0312-3 Stranded (Yellow, Brown Gray)1025010000.539126
3160Z42-013160Z60-0112-4 Stranded (Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray)1025010000.585158
3161Z42-013161Z60-0110-2 Stranded (Brown, Gray)825010000.552151
3162Z42-013162Z60-0110-3 Stranded (Brown, Orange, Gray)825010000.625202
3163Z42-013163Z60-0110-4 Stranded (Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray)825010000.680260
Note: All dimensions and weights subject to normal manufacturing tolerances
* Special Order, subject to lead times and minimum order quantities.
Part NumberTrade SizeConductor ColorsStock/Special MakeGrounding Conductor AWGLengthMin. Order QuantityPallet QuantityArmor Min. O.D. (in)Approx. Weight Total Barrel Weight (lbs)
MC Quik Lite Plain Solid Conductor
3104Z93-0012/2Black, WhiteStock1025002500100000.463245
3104Z93-0112/2Brown, GrayStock1025002500100000.463245
3105Z92-0012/3Black, Red, WhiteStock102000200080000.523264
3105Z92-0112/3Brown, Orange, GrayStock102000200080000.523264
MC Quik Lite Plain Stranded Conductor
3158Z92-0012/2Black, WhiteStock102000200080000.482208
3158Z92-0112/2Brown, GrayStock102000200080000.482208
3159Z91-0012/3Black, Red, WhiteStock101500150060000.523146
3159Z91-0112/3Brown, Orange, GrayStock101500150060000.523146
3104Z76-0012-2 Solid (Black, White)10 Aluminum Bond/Ground6000900.463
3104Z76-0112-2 Solid (Brown, Gray)10 Aluminum Bond/Ground6000900.463