The U.S. Patented* MC Luminary® Jacketed cable is used for LED and Fluorescent dimming and in SMART Buildings. Interlocking Steel Strip with PVC Jacket

*U.S. Patent No.10,431,353

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MC Luminary Jacketed Cable

MC Luminary PVC Jacketed Cable

MC Luminary PVC Jacketed Cable is a U.S Patented* and a UL Listed Type MC-PCS cable which combines both power and control circuits under one armor. This reduces installation time and materials on the job site by running one armored cable as compared to an installation that runs power circuits and a separate control circuit.

All MC Luminary products are designed for LED and fluorescent dimming systems. Multiple MC Luminary Cables can be used in daylight harvesting applications to wire multiple zone rooms which utilize building management systems to automatically dim or raise lighting at certain times. These products come in both steel and aluminum armor.

All our luminary products feature the 2020 NEC compliant Purple/Pink insulated control conductors.

Features & Benefits

  • *U.S. Patent 10,431,353
  • Manufactured with purple and pink control conductors. Compliant with 2020 NEC® Sec 410.69.
  • Save up to 30% labor and installation costs compared to traditional installation methods
  • Interlocked galvanized steel strip with overall PVC Jacket
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials


  • Permits conductors of circuits to be placed in a cable with conductors of electric light, power, or Class 1 circuits
  • UL® Listed for direct burial in earth or concrete encasement
  • Listed for -40°C low temperature use
  • LED and Fluorescent dimming systems
  • Smart Buildings


Galvanized Interlocked Steel Strip with PVC jacket

Jacket Color

Charcoal Gray


Solid Copper

Conductor Insulation

TFN (Control)

Maximum Temperature Rating

90°C (Dry) Rating

Neutral Conductor

White 120/208V

Grey for 277/480V

Control Cables

16 AWG Solid TFN Twisted Pink Jacketed Pair (Purple/Pink)

Maximum Voltage Rating


References & Ratings

  • UL 66, 83, 1569, 1581, 2556, File Reference E80042
  • NEC® 250.118, 330, 392, 396, 501, 502, 503, 504,505,
    518, 520, 530, 645, 725
  • UL Listed for direct burial in the Earth or concrete
    encasement Listed for -40°C low temperature use
  • UL 1569,70,000BTU and FT4 vertical tray flame listed
  • Sunlight and oil resistant with direct plow-in capability
  • Save up to 30% labor and installation costs
  • Federal Specification A-A-59544 (formerly J-C-30B)
  • Meets all applicable OSHA and HUD Requirements
  • Cable Tray Rated, install per NEC®
  • Power and/or lighting as well as signal and/or control
    conductors per NEC® Section 725.136(I)(1)
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials

Product Code
250' Reels
Product Code
1,000' Reels
PVC Jacket ColorTrade SizeGrounding Conductor
Approx Weight
Approx. Armor
O.D. (in)
Approx. Over
Jacket O.D. (in)
LJ04-42-L00LJ04-60-L00Charcoal Gray16-2 (TPJ) (Purple, Pink) 12-2 (Black, White)12-1 (Green)3450.6230.723
LJ04-42-L01LJ04-60-L01Charcoal Gray16-2 (TPJ) (Purple, Pink) 12-2 (Brown, Gray)12-1 (Green)3450.6230.723
LJ04-42-L02*LJ04-60-L02*Charcoal Gray16-2 (TPJ) (Purple, Pink) 12-2 (Orange, Gray)12-1 (Green)3450.6230.723
LJ04-42-L03*LJ04-60-L03*Charcoal Gray16-2 (TPJ) (Purple, Pink) 12-2 (Yellow, Gray)12-1 (Green)3450.6230.723
LJ04-42-L04*LJ04-60-L04*Charcoal Gray16-2 (TPJ) (Purple, Pink) 12-2 (Red, White)12-1 (Green)3450.6230.723
LJ04-42-L05*LJ04-60-L05*Charcoal Gray16-2 (TPJ) (Purple, Pink) 12-2 (Blue, White)12-1 (Green)3450.6230.723
LJ05-42-L00*LJ05-60-L00*Charcoal Gray16-2 (TPJ) (Purple, Pink) 12-3 (Black, Red, White)12-1 (Green)3810.6500.750
LJ05-42-L01*LJ05-60-L01*Charcoal Gray16-2 (TPJ) (Purple, Pink) 12-3 (Brown, Orange, Gray)12-1 (Green)3810.6500.750
LJ07-42-L00*LJ07-60-L00*Charcoal Gray16-2 (TPJ) (Purple, Pink) 10-2 (Black, White)10-1 (Green)4070.6670.767
LJ07-42-L01*LJ07-60-L01*Charcoal Gray16-2 (TPJ) (Purple, Pink) 10-2 (Brown, Gray)10-1 (Green)4070.6670.767

All dimensions and weights are subject to normal manufacturing tolerances.
Other conductor colors available by special order.
*Non-stock items require lead time and minimum quantity order.
MC Luminary Cable is intended for use in non-shielded applications.

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