Q: What is MC Glide™ and why would I try it?   

A: This MC Cable has a unique armor profile, that allows for a faster, easier, smoother, and quieter installation; when pulling interlocked armored cable through metal studs and ceilings.  


Q: Is MC Glide™ flexible?   

A: Absolutely.  MC Glide meets the flexibility requirements of UL 1569. You should find MC Glide™ to be equal to or more flexible than MC- Lite®.  


Q: Does the new profile improve cable bend memory?   

A: Yes. The profile of MC Glide tends to lay flatter than Legacy MC Cable; notably reducing curling or bend memory issues  


Q: Can you pull MC Glide in either direction?   

A: No.  MC Glide, as with Legacy MC Lite® has a preferred direction for pulling, but MC Glide is easier to pull in both directions. Note: MC Glide coils should be pulled from the center of the coil and MC Glide reels are reverse wound.  


Q: Is a special tool required to cut MC Glide?   

A: No. MC Glide’s armor is easily cut with any cable handheld rotary cutter.  


Q: Will MC Glide work with auto cutting machines?   

A: Yes. MC Glide has been tried on several types of auto cutting machines with the same performance as legacy MC Lite®® cables.  


Q: Is the conductor bundle under the MC Glide armor the same as legacy MC Lite®?   

A: Yes. You will cut, strip, and terminate as with MC Lite®® 


Q: Are special fittings required for MC Glide?  

A: No. Use the same UL listed MC Cable connectors you prefer for legacy MC Lite®®. No special fitting requirements.  


Q: Are anti-short bushings required with MC Glide?   

A: No. Anti-short bushings are not required with any style MC Cable per NEC 330.  


Q: Is MC Glide available in MC Tuff® lightweight steel armor?  

A: No. Currently, aluminum armor only; but we are working to add lightweight steel to the MC Glide offering.  


Q: Does MC Glide have phase & circuit ID on the armor?   

A: No. Presently, MC Glide does not have ColorSpec®® or ColorTrak® phase and circuit ID.  


Q: Is MC Glide readily available?   

A: Yes, MC Glide is readily available at both major distribution facilities, in New Bedford, MA and Chino, CA.  


Q: MC Glide is available in what sizes?  

A: Our introductory sizes are 12/2 and 12/3 in solid and stranded 250’coils/1000’reels, including 120v and 277v conductor colors.  


Q: Is MC Glide available in barrels & gaylords?  

A: No. Currently, MC Glide is offered in coils and reels only.