Installation Instructions MC-Quik® Type MC Cable

Download “MC-Quik® Cable Installation Guide” as a PDF

Diagram: Cut cable and remove armor 6 inches from end 1. Cut the cable to length needed and remove armor approximately 6-inches from end using a rotary cutting tool designed for use with Interlocked Metal-Clad Cable and remove armor.
Diagram: Separate bare aluminum grounding/bonding conductor from cable assembly 2. Separate the bare aluminum grounding/bonding conductor from the cable assembly by folding the bare aluminum grounding/bonding conductor back approximately 120˚.
Diagram: Cut bare aluminum grounding/bonding conductor flush 3. Cut the aluminum bare grounding/bonding conductor flush with the end of the armor using a suitable tool.
Diagram: Install fitting identified and listed for use with MC Interlocking Armor Ground Cable Type MCI-A 4. Use a fitting identified and listed* for use with a Metal-Clad Interlocking Armor Ground Cable (Type MCI-A), install the fitting per the manufacturer’s instructions.
Diagram: Bond cable, fitting, box, and wiring devices. 5. Bond the cable, fitting, box and wiring devices, as applicable, to provide an effective ground-fault current path.



  1. The combination of the metal armor and the bare aluminum grounding/bonding conductor is the effective ground-fault path in accordance with NEC® 250.118(10(b).
  2. OPTIONAL INSTALLATION METHOD: Although not required, the bare aluminum grounding/bonding conductor may be terminated inside the box or enclosure provided the splices, connectors or terminations are suitable for the material of the conductor(s) to be used per NEC® 110.14.
  3. *The fitting must be listed and marked for use with “Metal-Clad Interlocking Ground Cable Type” or “MCI-A” where the armor is a component of the equipment grounding path.
  4. Cable has one grounding means – armor/bond-ground wire combination.