19 Dec 2017

Let’s focus for a bit on how prefabrication can speed up electrical installations.

Contractors working on large scale, repetitive jobs such as hotels, condos, dorms, etc. often look for ways to speed up the electrical wiring installation. Many large contracting firms have their own prefabrication operation to increase efficiencies on projects. Smaller to medium sized contractors can benefit from working with manufacturers on prefabricated assemblies to reduce onsite labor. There are many options and levels of service contractors can explore to reduce labor and installation times and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Which device assembly to choose?
Depending on the need of the contractor, prefabrication options range from basic to fully engineered systems.

  • Basic Assembly – Box with brackets and mud ring only
  • Assembly Required Devices – Basic assembly with the addition of installed devices, side-wired and fitted with quick connect feature
  • Cable Ready Devices – Assembly Required with the addition of terminations outside the box, eliminating the need to remove the mudring
  • Typical Assemblies – Devices are installed, side wired, taped and include the desired length of cable.
  • Fully Engineered Systems – Turnkey solution with Contractor/Engineer working directly with manufacturer to determine requirements by room. Components are built to specifications and packaged by area and released in stages to reduce handling on the job site.


Type AC and MC Cables commonly come in 250 foot coils or 1,000 foot reels. Moving them from position to position can be time consuming and add to labor expense. Using Typical Assemblies or Fully Engineered System, the length of MC Cable is pre-cut, reducing the number of coils and reels on the site that need to be transported from area to area. Additional time and labor is saved by eliminating the need to measure and cut cable to the desired length, usually resulting in waste.

ACS/Uni-Fab has a “room-in-a-box” solution that provides a fully engineered system with staged product releases to coincide with progress on the job site simplifying the materials process.

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