15 Nov 2016

Over the past few years an aging electrical contractor population and an overall labor shortage has uncovered the need to reduce labor and speed up cable installation, ultimately reducing the total installed cost.

The industry has been innovating around tools, cable types and accessories to meet this growing need. Below are two methods of accelerating jobsite installation and productivity.

1. Securing cables during installation

mcsnapit.jpgOne often overlooked accessory in the cable market is the use of supports. Many of these supports (i.e. wire ties and straps) require screws and screw drivers, or cutters to remove the excess plastic material. A newcomer to the market is the cable clip, such as the AFC Cable MC SnapIt product. These cable clips boast “No Tools Required” as it just clips onto the metal studs and the cables can be snapped in providing a seamless, clean look once installed. Various sizes and configurations allow the clips to hold two to four cables at time and can fit 2.5”, 4” and 6” metal studs. Without the hassle of cleaning up waste from plastic wire ties, or losing time with screws, cable clips speed up installation

2. Easily handling coils of cable or wire

pack-n-roll-w-labelAnother accessory on the market is the use of wire and cable dispensers. These material handling products allow the installer to easily pull a coil of wire or cable and cut to the desired length reducing the amount of waste. Furthermore, for renovation jobs, the wire or cable stays contained reducing the chances of scuffing finished walls and floors. AFC Cable’s Pack N’ Roll dispenser has a lid and coils can be preloaded and transported from one jobsite to the next. The lid prevents debris and/or the environment from negatively impacting the integrity of the product while keeping it clean and organized. With a Pack N’ Roll a contractor can bring the coil inside the tub to save space on the truck, pull the desired length using the lazy Susan, with the remaining cable coiled and organized within the tub. Unlike other tubs, the Pack N’ Roll is stackable, reduces cable memory and fits most commonly used sizes of MC and AC cables.

Electrical contractors move quickly from one job to the next. AFC’s innovative accessory products provide labor saving and waste reduction options to reduce installation time and cost.