26 Sep 2017

Armored and metal-clad cables from AFC Cable Systems® are intended for dry location use and should be replaced when exposed to extensive moisture and contamination resulting from flood waters.


Electrical cable can be extremely dangerous when exposed to water. This is especially true when exposed to salt water or water that contains contaminants. The water will cause the metal components to corrode, such as the steel or aluminum armor and copper conductor. The corrosion will cause the armor to denigrate and become an ineffective means of mechanical protection to the insulated conductors. The corrosion of the electrical conductor presents the opportunity for a high resistance termination which can result in overheating and fire.

Flood waters contain sewage and numerous contaminants which are detrimental to electrical products. In addition, contaminates contained in the flood waters may have a detrimental effect upon the critical insulation system that surrounds the electrical conductor causing the insulation to fail or in the worst case to become conductive.

To learn more about the definition of wet location cables, read our blog article here.

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