4 Oct 2019

AFC Cable Systems® has announced an expansion to their MC-Plus® cable offering to now include aluminum armor. MC-Plus® cable is designed to replace multi-wire shared neutral branch circuit applications, where simultaneous disconnects are required.

MC Plus® is a UL Listed neutral per phase MC Cable. The aluminum expansion is a complement to the steel armor MC-Plus® portfolio.

MC-Plus® is an ideal cable for installation in offices, stores, hotels, high rise residential or similar applications. MC-Plus® allows the installer to pull and support one multiple circuit cable instead of pulling multiple single circuit cables. MC Plus® cables eliminate shared neutrals. This allows electrical systems to continue to operate while repair or maintenance is performed on one circuit without affecting other branch circuits within the cable. MC Plus® cables also decrease the time it takes to identify a faulty circuit as only the affected single-phase breaker will trip, thus reducing electricians time to identify and trace the cause.

Because MC-Plus® cables do not share neutrals the cable mitigates harmonic distortions in power distribution systems. Aluminum armored MC-Plus® is RoHS compliant.

Learn more about MC-Plus® and MC-Plus® Lite Neutral Per Phase Cables.