7 Sep 2018

Flexicon® Limited, a leading manufacturer of flexible conduit solutions and fittings specifically designed for industrial and OEM sectors now offers its products for sale through AFC Cable Systems® as part of the Flexicon® Limited acquisition integration by Atkore International®, the parent company of AFC Cable Systems®.

Flexion conduit provides a mechanical barrier for cabling and protecting systems where failure can be costly, including in systems designed for manufacturing, hazardous areas, hygienic systems, transportation, defense, and other industrial applications. Additional safety or uptime-critical protections include (depending on conduit system selected):

Fatigue Life Endurance

  • Weakness caused by repeated variations of stress or continuous and repeated movement

Ingress Protection

  • Penetration of solid objects, dust, liquid, or steam
  • Crush and compression forces applied to cause deformation
  • Impact by sharp or blunt forces which could cause damage

Chemical Resistance

  • Reaction to different compounds or substances
  • Corrosion damage caused by chemical reaction

Micro-Organisms & Bacteria

  • Danger from build-up of bacteria, virus, and fungus

Static Charge

  • Build-up on objects that cannot conduct a current
  • Natural electrical discharge damage caused by lightning strike


  • Intensity of heat (high or low) and rapid changes of temperature
  • Explosive gases or dust that can be made to explode
  • Fires and destructive burning

The Flexicon® flagship conduit fitting, Flexicon® Ultra®, is a one-piece conduit fitting solution featuring integrated sealing technology, and is engineered to provide unrivaled performance with both fine and coarse pitch conduits. With six teeth all around to secure the conduit, Flexicon® Ultra® offers superior strength of connection (pull-off strength of 154 pounds with FPAH21) and dynamic performance in one package.

Strength of Performance & Protection

Ideal for the harshest environments and technically demanding applications, Flexicon® Ultra® has been tested to extremes, proven to ingress protection rates of IP66, IP67, IP68, and IP69. The Flexicon® Ultra® products underwent more than 1,000 individual ingress protection tests during development to ensure and validate product performance in both fine-pitch and coarse-pitch derivatives.

Simplicity of Use

Flexicon® Ultra® fittings come pre-assembled and ready to install. Simply press the fitting onto the conduit and you are done. The fitting can be removed just as easily by inserting a standard electricians screwdriver into the designated release.

Safety Through System Integrity

Properties of the conduit can be matched to the potential environment and hazards of the installation location. Flexicon® Ultra® offers standard and custom solutions for each application.

For more information on Flexicon® Ultra® please view the product video.

Flexicon® serves more than 55 countries. Customers interested in learning more about Flexicon® Limited products or Flexicon® Ultra® can contact Frank Ball at (508) 985-1328, view the products here on our website or view the online brochure.