10 Oct 2014

MC Luminary<sup>®</sup>” width=”254″ height=”253″ class=”alignright id-17807 size-full wp-image-17807″ />AFC is proud to announce the launch of a new product called <a href=MC Luminary Cable. This new MC Luminary® Cable is built to solve one specific and time-consuming problem: installation of dimming systems.

Over the years, lighting systems have become more efficient with increased use of LED and fluorescent capabilities. New technologies have lowered the costs and energy usage of lighting devices in buildings. Innovations in lighting technology include using automated or manual dimming systems. These dimmers not only maximize energy savings, but also the life of the system.

Dimming systems require both power cables and control cables to control the amount of power supplied to the lights. Current installation methods for LED and fluorescent dimming systems require power and control cables to be run parallel and terminated separately which can be time consuming and expensive.

AFC Cable Systems® (AFC) has developed an easier method to deliver both power cables and control cable under one UL listed metal clad armor (MC Cable). Running only one cable provides an organized appearance in the wall. Available in both lightweight steel and aluminum armor, The U.S. Patented* MC Luminary® Cable can significantly reduce labor and installation time.

The U.S. Patented* MC Luminary Cable cable is manufactured in accordance with UL 66, 83, 1479, 1569, 1581, and 2556 standards and complies with NEC 330 and 725. Read more about our how we comply with UL and NEC on the MC Luminary Cable product page.

*U.S. Patent No. 10,431,353