16 Jul 2018

mc-luminary-quikWe’re announcing the launch of the MC Luminary Quik designed for power and control of 0-10V dimmable fixtures as well as addressable lighting control systems. The MC Luminary Quik combines the efficiency and laborsaving features of MC Quik, offering up to 30% installation time savings over traditional wiring methods.

The U.S. Patented* MC Luminary Quik cable is a UL Listed type MCI‐A construction of Type MC‐PCS. The cable is constructed with polypropylene-covered power conductors (no assembly tape), jacketed control conductors, and an oversized aluminum bond/ground conductor with aluminum armor. This construction reduces installation time by eliminating the need to terminate a green copper ground conductor. MC Luminary Quik may be surface mounted, installed in plenums, fished, and/or embedded in plaster. Packaging options include 250’ coils, 1,000’ reels, barrels and Gaylord.

Additional benefits include:

Armor: Interlocking Aluminum Strip armor PLUS oversized aluminum grounding/bonding conductor provide a single grounding means – Steel armor is available by special order

Power Conductor: THHN copper conductors with Polypropylene covering, 120V and 277V color coded insulation

Control Conductor: 16 AWG Solid TFN Purple/gray twisted and jacketed with a 30 mil PVC jacket that complies with NEC Section 725.136(i)1 separation requirements.

*U.S. Patent No. 8,088,997 and U.S. Patent No.10,431,353

For more information on the MC Luminary Quik and other MC Luminary Cables, view the newest brochure here.