25 Jun 2015

AFC Cable Systems® announces MC Luminary Jacketed Cable Type MC-PCS, an addition to its Luminary line of Metal-Clad Cables, which combine electric lighting and control circuits under a single interlocked armor.

The U.S. Patented* MC Luminary Jacketed Cable is ideal for use with both LED and fluorescent dimming systems approved for outdoor and direct burial applications, including large stadiums, parking garages, or parking lots. Using Luminary Jacketed Cable in conjunction with motion sensors saves on energy costs, since lighting does not have to be provided for every section of a parking facility at all times.

MC Luminary Jacketed Cable features an interlocking steel strip with a PVC jacket. Under one armor is a cable composed of two or three single solid copper THHN/THWN conductors and one single THHN/THWN insulated ground, along with a low voltage control assembly made of a twisted jacketed pair of 16 AWG solid TFN conductors.  Use of MC Luminary Jacketed Cable allows control circuit conductors to be placed in a cable with conductors of electric light, power, or Class 1 circuits. Labor and installation costs are estimated to be as much as 30 percent lower than if separate power and control cables are required.

UL listed for direct burial in earth or concrete encasement, MC Luminary Jacketed Cable is sunlight and oil resistant with direct plow-in capability.  Designed to be used in temperatures as low as -40°C, MC Luminary Jacketed Cable is UL1569, 70,000 BTU, and FT4 vertical tray flame listed.

*U.S. Patent No.10,431,353

For more information, visit the AFC Cable Systems® MC Luminary Jacketed Cable webpage