9 Apr 2015

afc-cable-from-1928-in-1860-victorian-homeIn the small town of Enfield, NH, a home owner was renovating his 1860’s Victorian home when he came across some old wiring from 1928.

What he found was 14-2 Steel B&S Gage armored cable from American Flexible Conduit Company which is now known as AFC Cable Systems®. The cable was still functioning nearly ninety years later. B&S Gage refers to Brown and Sharpe, which defines the size of the copper conductors within the armoring. Also, still clearly labeled on the armor was the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) label.

Over the years, cable manufacturing has come a long way to improve product effectiveness and safety. In 1928, cable manufactures insulated conductors using rubber, which could become very brittle and dry once their cotton braided wrap was removed. Another improvement includes the use of bond wires, which help to ground the conductors and improves safety.

Striped twine was also used at the time to identify different cable manufacturers with each manufacturer having an assigned color scheme. AFC was identified by green and white striped twine within the cable assembly.

Armored cable is now more commonly installed in commercial and industrial applications such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, multi-occupancy dwellings, etc. Use or armored cable is faster to install than traditional pipe and wire installations.

AFC Cable systems first opened its doors in New Bedford, MA in 1926, just two short years before the cable was installed in the home. AFC is now a part of Atkore International® and still resides in New Bedford, continuing to manufacture quality armored cable (AC Cable), along with metal clad cable (MC Cable), flexible metal conduit and liquidtight conduit.

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