6 Sep 2018

The 2019 edition of the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code NFPA 72 was recently approved. The approved code contains revisions to sections relating to use of metallic cable wiring methods.


NFPA 72 Section 12.4.2 Pathway Survivability Level 1 covers pathways in buildings that are fully protected by an automatic sprinkler system. This section previously required interconnecting conductors and cables to be installed in metal raceways. This section of the code has been updated to allow the installation of metal armored cables as an alternative to metal raceways.

Using MC Cables saves time and labor on the jobsite. AFC Cable offers Dual Rated Type MC/FPLP Fire Alarm Control Cables to meet various fire alarm wiring needs. Some applications for Fire Alarm Control Cable include connecting the main fire alarm control panel with pull stations, smoke detectors and alarms, relays and signals and more.

AFC’s cable comes with red painted armor for easy identification as a fire alarm system with specialty colors identifying circuits upon request. Using Type MC Cable saves time and money on new construction projects and provides faster installation on renovations.

NFPA 72-2019 becomes effective January 1, 2019, or when it is adopted by state and local jurisdictions. Building design work takes place prior to beginning construction, often preceding construction by six months or more. Any building projects in design now may take advantage of using Type MC Cable in their projects. To determine which version of the code your state has adopted, visit that State’s website or contact your local authority having jurisdiction.

For more information on these products, reach out to your local AFC representative or contact us directly.