renewable-energy-solar-applicationRenewable energy resources have become commonplace over the last several years. These resources include solar power, wind power and more.

When wiring solar panels, one of the options is flexible conduit or liquid-tight conduit. These have the benefit of being lighter weight while still having the same requirements for UL Listings as rigid conduit. The majority of installations will require UL Listings on products to ensure that product performance meets necessary standards such as UV light resistance and bend radius. Solar panels are placed in areas to receive optimal sunlight, conduits installed in these locations need to withstand high temperatures as well as low temperatures in the winter months. AFC’s High Temperature Type LFMC is UL Listed and can withstand temperatures as high as 105°C/221°F (Dry) and as low as -55°C/-67°F. These temperature ratings are especially important to prevent direct sunlight exposure from degrading the conduit.

For customers that do not require a UL listing, AFC also offers a Non-UL Extreme Temperature Liquid-tight product. On this product, the temperature rating is even greater at 150°C/302°F (Dry) and can go as low as -60°C/-76°F.

Another option for outdoor installations that may not be exposed to high or low temperatures is liquid-tight Type LFNC-B Non-metallic conduit. AFC’s Type LFNC-B is rated for concrete embedment, direct burial and is also sunlight and oil resistant. Many solar installers will want a clean appearance once the panels are in place, with minimal conduit visible. In some cases, installations will be on the ground rather than a roof, with conduits buried in the ground, in these cases a rating for direct burial is needed.

Additional options are available when factors such as weight and bend radius become a concern. When weight is an issue, non-metallic protective tubing (NMT), including AFC’s Ultraflex Liquid-tight might be the right choice. This product is made from flexible PVD with a rigid inner core.

Available Products for Renewable Energy