Rail & TransportationThe rail and rolling stock industry is a technically demanding industry with key considerations including reliability, service life, ease of maintenance, operating environment, safety and more.

The rail and rolling stock industry has demanding requirements for ingress protection (IP) ratings, fire performance, vibration and shock resistance, chemical and abrasion resistance and more. Applications including inside carriages, above and under carriages, and intercar jumpers and couplings. The various challenges involved require dynamic solutions that can manage and control risks and mitigate costly downtime.

Flexicon® has a proven track record in protecting safety and performance critical components. Ingress protection prevents environmental elements from compromising the integrity of the conduit. Water, condensation, dust and more can threaten the safety and impede performance of the rail system.

Fire hazards must be low, including having low smoke emissions, low toxicity, flame retardant and more. These hazards can threaten employees, passengers, cargo and performance, causing costly injuries, down time and repairs.

Moving rail cars are constantly exposed to vibrations hazards during regular operation. Flexicon®’s products, such as the ULTRA fitting provide anti-vibration performance and has been tested to EN 61373 Railway Applications, for Rolling Stock Equipment. EN61373 tests conduits against vibration and shock, ensuring the system integrity is maintained. Flexicon® performs additional testing for fatigue life on systems that have constant motion such as intercar jumpers. This fatigue life test subjects the conduit to one million cycles, representing thirty-five years of service life. During the test there were no signs of failure, showing that Flexicon®’s products can exceed one million cycles.

Many of AFC Flexicon®’s conduit systems meet and exceed NFPA 130 standards and are IRIS approved.

AFC’s Flexicon® cable protection systems offer a variety of solutions, with conduit properties matching the potential hazards of the installation and can easily accommodate changes as the project needs change.

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