Hazardous environment is a term that covers a diverse range of situations.

Many companies and operations have areas deemed as hazardous that require wiring to power equipment and provide lighting. Power and lighting cables must combat dust, gasses, chemicals, extreme temperatures, corrosives, condensation, and many more extremes.

In these cases, wiring must withstand these environments to keep the lights on and the equipment running. Without the right cable protection, components could become compromised or even fail, resulting in loss of productivity and down time.

There are several options to protecting cables in hazardous environments. Flexible conduit solutions are an economical and easy to install solution that minimizes risk to circuit integrity. This solution allows operators to select the appropriate conduit for a given situation. In addition to selecting the conduit, the proper fittings and connectors must be chosen to ensure the protection of the circuits within.

Additional benefits of using flexible conduit and liquiditight in hazardous and harsh environments include:

  • Ability to make quick changes and/or upgrades to circuits within the system
  • Easy routing of cables with different bend radius minimizing installation time
  • Ability to be retrofitted
  • Swivel thread fittings available to easy installation
  • Mechanical protection provided by the conduit, no need for specialty cables

Some applications that may contain hazardous environments include oil & gas. Gas and vapors, utilities, textiles, combustion plants, paint shops, and more.

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