food-processing-applicationLiquid-Tuff™ products are manufactured with the application in mind.

Areas where food is processed and prepared need to be continually washed and disinfected to prevent contamination. These areas include poultry and meat packing facilities, food processors, restaurants or cafeterias. Food preparation areas may have requirements for temperature ratings such as low temperatures for freezer rooms. As a result, equipment and devices in these areas need to meet specific requirements to allow for the wash down conditions, extreme temperatures, etc.

AFC’s UL Liquid-Tight Flexible Steel Conduit, Type LFMC NSF® 169 Component for Splash Zones has a specially designed antimicrobial jacket to inhibit bacterial growth and doesn’t degrade when bleached. This product is available with a metallic core to provide additional crush protection, and also in a non-metallic version. Our Splash Zone product is an NSF® Component for Special Purpose Processing equipment and has an excellent temperature range of 80°C/176°F to -30°C/-22°F Dry.

AFC’s new line of Flexicon® flexible conduit solutions also includes fittings for hygienic applications can be used with the Splash Zone liquidtight for a complete hygienic conduit solution. Flexicon®’s hygienic fitting is manufactured with 316L stainless steel, complete with polyester elastomer compression seals for ingress protection and have IP66, IP67, IP68, and IP69 ratings. High levels of ingress protection prevent elements such as food, dust, water, condensation and more from entering the conduit and compromising the integrity of the system.

In addition to splash down areas, some processing facilities have environments with extreme temperatures. The UL Hi-Lo Liquid-Tight Type LFMC Flexible Steel Conduit can be used in freezer rooms, fryer appliance wiring and other areas where exposure to extreme conditions is required. Both the Hi-Lo Temperature and Splash Zone products can also be color matched so the conduit will blend in with the installed machinery. With excellent temperature ratings at 150°C/302°F to -60°C/-76°F, Our Hi-Lo product is great for many different applications that may have higher or lower temperatures due to the manufacturing process.

Processing areas that have many moving parts and require wiring components to have continuous movement without degrading the product can utilize AFC’s UL Flexible Non-metallic Conduit Type LFNC-A. This product works well in areas where conduit may be exposed to physical abuse and abrasion and is strain resistant.

Available Products for Food Processing