Electricians working on projects in the education sector, such as elementary, middle or high schools, vocational schools or colleges and university often need to find solutions that are cost effective and efficient. Ways to reduce cost on electrical jobs can include reducing material handling, staged deliveries and optimizing storage space on site.

AFC Cable provides a variety of products and solutions for electrical contractors to meet their electrical wiring needs. In addition to innovative cable products such as MC Luminary® Cable and MC-Quik®, AFC also provides Liquid-Tuff Liquid-tight conduits and cabling accessories such as MC-SnapIt. AFC provides labor saving packaging solutions such as Barrels and Gaylords. These packaging solutions provide long lengths of cable, eliminating material waste and handling.

MC-Quick reduces labor costs by minimizing installation time. There is no overall wrap, each conductor has polypropylene extruded directly onto it, eliminating the need to unwrap cables prior to installation. Using MC-Quick can save up to 30% installation time on the jobsite.

MC Luminary Cable reduces installation time by combining both power and control circuits under one armor, eliminating the need to pull cables twice. In addition, MC Luminary continues to provide savings with dimming systems to reduce lights and energy consumption as well as dim lights in proportion to natural daylight.

Additional labor savings can be found using prefabricated device assemblies. Prefabrication offers many options from basic assemblies to fully engineered systems the save time on the jobsite by preparing the materials ahead of time. Our team at ACS/Uni-fab will work with you to plan your job and stage releases so that materials are shipped as rooms are completed.

With most education projects, there are constant changes and updates to budgets, floor plans and layouts which can increasing costs as the project nears completion. AFC Cable’s products help to reduce costs, installation time and minimize labor on the job-site.

Available AFC Products for Education

MC Luminary® Cable

The MC Luminary® Cable Type MC-PCS is for LED and fluorescent dimming as well as in SMART buildings. It combines power and control circuits under one armor.

MC Luminary® Jacketed Cable

MC Luminary® Jacketed cable is used for LED and Fluorescent dimming and in SMART Buildings. Interlocking Steel Strip with PVC Jacket

  • MC Luminary® MultiZone®

    One cable contains all the power and control conductors under one armor. 1 multi-zone cable can replace up to 3 traditional luminary cables or 3 power and 3 control cables.

  • MC Snapit

    MC Snapit

    Interlocked MC Snapit makes installing MC cable fast and easy. No more tools required. The design eliminates the unsightly sagging you get with other supports.