data-center-applicationData centers are often perceived to be very organized, sterile environments, heavily monitored for not only security but environmental concerns.

These concerns limit the type and method of installing electrical wiring. Generally, there are two ways to install power in a data center, under-floor or in cable tray in the ceiling or overhead spaces.

To install under-floor power, there are multiple options. ACS Uni-Fab provides under-floor power systems that can allow the data towers to be rearranged without the need to redo all under-floor wiring. In addition, ACS Un-Fab provides job-in-a-box solutions where the plans are used to supply pre-cut and preassembled components for the job. This reduces installation time and waste.

Another common under-floor option is to use Liquid-Tuff Liquid-tight conduit. These conduits go under a raised floor. AFC has a Type LFMC conduit in blue for computer rooms, with additional colors available upon request. Liquid-tight conduits can be organized using ladder tray to keep the conduit flat and evenly spaced. There are many varieties of liquid-tight conduit to meet the individual need of the data center. For centers that require lower temperatures, Hi-Lo Temp Type LFMC may be ideal. Another option would be the Low Smoke-Zero Halogen product to reduce exposure to corrosive gasses.

A third option is to use flexible conduits in cable tray installed above the racks. A benefit to this option is the visibility and accessibility of the installation if changes ever need to be made. Often, obsoleted cables are left in place when installed under the floor, leading to a buildup of cable over time. With overhead installations, damaged or obsoleted cable is easily accessible and can be repaired or replaced while maintaining a clean and organized appearance.

AFC Cable has many varieties of Liquid-tight and flexible metal conduits including options that are UL and/or CSA listed.

Available Products for Data Centers