Manufacturing automation relies heavily on effective cable protection whether it is performing operations such as processing, assembly, inspection or materials handling, or in some combination of all of these.

Operating environments can vary indignantly, however, the fundamental requirement for continuous operation still exists. Engineers are constantly challenged to innovate, looking for improvements to deliver more for less.

There are many different types of automation facilities with many different product requirements to factor into wiring decisions. Some typical product hazards to and product considerations to be aware of:

  • Mechanical strength
  • Fatigue life and flexibility
  • Ingress protection
  • Chemical resistance
  • Temperature
  • Hazardous gas /dust
  • Shock resistance

Just as there are many various environments to consider, there are a variety of cable protection options to choose from. Liquidtight conduit comes in options ranging from low smoke zero halogen to high temperature and more. Additional flexible conduit solutions rely more on the fittings and connectors to provide the perfect solution for your need, such as our Flexicon® Ultra product.

Flexicon® Ultra is a one-piece fitting that installs with a simple push and twist connection. With 360° all around teeth the Ultra has great anti-tamper, dynamic and vibration performance. this product is ideal for safety critical applications in a variety of automation environments.

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