AC cable products from AFC Cable Systems® have been around since AFC started business in 1926. In that time, AFC has come to manufacture two varieties of flexible armored cables (type AC). There’s the standard AC cable and the HCF cable, designed to be the health care facilities cable. Both of these AC cables feature the ColorSpec® ID System.

The original AC cable, AC-90® is designed for most commercial, industrial and multi-residential branch circuits, services for power, lighting, control and signal circuits. An additional AC cable that AFC developed was introduced and called AC-Lite®. This is simply a variation of the AC-90® but instead utilizes an aluminum armor.

The hospital grade AC cable is the second variety of flexible armored cable developed by AFC called HCF. This HCF cable is designed for use not just in hospitals but also for other patient care areas. The HFC product is perfect for these types of applications due to the addition of a green insulated copper ground. It provides redundant ground or isolated grounding capability, creating an additional layer of safety as necessary in these medical environments.

The ColorSpec® ID system these cables are designed with is intended to help in identifying flexible armored cable at a distance. The AC-90® steel cable comes with a black armor, AC-Lite® with plain silver armor, and HCF-90® cables come with green armor. In addition, all AFC AC cables come with phase identification painted directly onto the armor for added identification without the added step of opening up the panel to determine phase voltage. Conductors are insulated with moisture and fire retardant paper wrap that meets all applicable OSHA and HUD requirements.

AC cables can be installed in many different ways whether they’re exposed or concealed, surface mounted, embedded in plaster finish or brick except where wet or damp locations exist, voids of masonry block or tile walls, under raised floors, above suspending ceilings and many more. HCF cable can also be installed in these locations but further includes nursing homes, hospitals, dental offices, clinics, outpatient facilities, other medical centers (other than hazardous anesthetizing locations) and data centers.

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  • AC-Plus


    AC-Plus can be used in many different applications. It's the solution to NEC requirement of multi-wire disconnecting means, ideal for AFCI’s and GFCI’s, supports lighting designs, saves time and space

  • AC Lite Armored Cable

    AC Lite® Armored Cable

    AC-Lite Armored Cable Galvanized Aluminum Armor - Commercial, industrial, multi-residential branch circuits and feeder wiring.