ecm-product-of-year-2017MC Luminary MultiZone is one cable that contains all the power and control conductors under one armor! One multi-zone cable can replace up to three traditional luminary cables or three power and three control cables.

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MC Luminary Multizone

MC Luminary MultiZone Cable Patent Pending


Product Highlights

  • Efficient – 1 multi-zone cable can replace up to 3 traditional luminary cables or 3 power and 3 control cables
  • Productive – 1 cable with all the power and control conductors under one armor
  • Secure – Hard wired lighting control system reduces the threat of intrusion
  • Save energy – Reduce consumption with dimmable lighting
  • Save money – Daylight harvesting dims lighting proportional to natural light
  • California Title 24 friendly with control for up to 3 dimming zones
  • Compliant with all applicable UL® codes and standards
  • Compatible with 0-10 volt DC solid state lighting control systems
  • Digital signal compatible


  • Armor: Interlocking Aluminum Strip
  • Conductors: Solid Copper
  • Conductor Insulation
    • THHN (Power)
    • TFN (Control)
  • MAximum Temperature Rating: 90˚C (Dry)
  • Neutral Conductor:
    • White 120/208V
    • Gray 277/480V
  • Control Cable: 16 AWG Solid TFN Twisted jacketed pair (Purple/Gray) See table below for jacket colors
  • Maximum Temperature Rating: 600V

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MC Luminary Multizone


  • UL® 66, 83, 1479, 1569, 1581, 2556, File Reference E80042
  • NEC 250.118, 300.22(C), 392, 396, 330, 501, 502, 503, 530, 504,505, 518, 520, 530, 645, 725
  • Federal Specification A-A-59544 (formerly J-C-30B)
  • Meets all applicable OSHA and HUD Requirements
  • Cable Tray Rated, install per NEC
  • UL® Classified 1, 2, and 3 hour through penetration (Fire Stop) product, R14141
  • Environmental Air-Handling Space Installation per NEC 300.22(C)
  • Power and/or lighting as well as signal and/or control conductors per NEC Section 725.136(I)(1)
  • Made in USA of US and/or imported materials
Product Code 250 FT ReelsProduct Code 1000 FT ReelsControl Cables Trade SizeCircuit Trade SizePhaseNeutralGroundApprox. Weight LBS/1,000FTApprox. Armor O.D. (IN)
18LC-44-50018LC-60-50016-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Black Jacket12-2Black12-1White12-1 Green2410.795
16-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Red JacketRed
18LC-44-50118LC-60-50116-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Brown Jacket12-2Brown12-1Gray12-1 Green2410.795
16-2Purple, Gray1TPJ Orange JacketOrange
18LD-44-50018LD-60-50016-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Black Jacket12-3Black12-1White12-1 Green3150.902
16-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Red JacketRed
16-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Blue JacketBlue
18LD-44-50118LD-60-50116-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Brown Jacket12-3Brown12-1Gray12-1 Green3150.902
16-2Purple, Gray1TPJ Orange JacketOrange
16-2Purple, Gray1TPJ Yellow JacketYellow
18LP-44-50018LP-60-50016-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Black Jacket12-2Black12-2White w/Black12-1 Green2710.833
16-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Red JacketRedWhite w/Red
18LP-44-50118LP-60-50116-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Brown Jacket12-2Brown12-2Gray w/Brown12-1 Green2710.833
16-2Purple, Gray1TPJ Orange JacketOrangeGray w/Orange
18LQ-44-50018LQ-60-50016-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Black Jacket12-3Black12-3White w/Black12-1 Green3470.942
16-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Red JacketRedWhite w/Red
16-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Blue JacketBlueWhite w/Blue
18LQ-44-50118LQ-60-50116-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Brown Jacket12-3Brown12-3Gray w/Brown12-1 Green3470.942
16-2Purple, Gray1TPJ Orange JacketOrangeGray w/Orange
16-2Purple, Gray1TPJ Yellow JacketYellowGray w/Yellow
18LS-44-50018LS-60-50016-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Black Jacket12-1Black12-1White12-1 Green2600.842
16-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Red Jacket
16-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Blue Jacket
18LS-44-50118LS-60-50116-2Purple, Gray1 TPJ Brown Jacket12-1Brown12-1Gray12-1 Green2600.842
16-2Purple, Gray1TPJ Orange Jacket
16-2Purple, Gray1TPJ Yellow Jacket
  • Other custom constructions available, also available with steel armor, subject to minimums and manufacturing lead-times; contact your AFC Representative for more information.
  • MC Luminary Cable is intended for use in non shielded applications