1 Jun 2017

Contractors that install wiring for hotels, condos, dorm rooms, apartments etc. have many repetitive installation layouts and devices. These projects have multiple instances of duplication with minimal differences.

Current installation methods require contractors to order product, store materials, measure and cut cable and then transport it to the appropriate location with hope that they have secured everything they need for that space, all of this must happen before the installer has entered the room. This process is time and labor intensive.


Job-in-a-Box Solution
In order to speed up installation, many contractors turn to pre-fabricated solutions; measuring, cutting and pre-wiring some components and devices before they get to the job site and kitting them for the appropriate rooms. This process eliminates the amount of work onsite installers need to perform, allowing them to move from one location to the next with ease.

Contractors who want to use pre-fabricated solutions but do not have the resources can turn to their wiring manufacturers for assistance. ACS Uni-Fab will work with contractors to do take-offs and plan what is needed per job, down to the detail of what goes into each room.

Can I Customize my Order?
The great thing about pre-fabricated wiring solutions is that the solution is planned in advance of installation. Contractors and engineers can select the device manufacturer, mounting options, cable options and more to have a fully customized pre-fabricated solution designed with the overall project in mind. ACS provides a broad scope of products to choose from to find the design and solution that’s best for the application and specific job requirements.

Contractors who use ACS Uni-Fab appreciate the benefits of a fully engineered system designed to meet the unique specifications of the job. ACS will deliver the product in staged releases according to installation time-frames enhancing onsite productivity and improving cost effectiveness.

Visit www.ACSunifab.com to see the full product offering and learn more about ACS’s capabilities.

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