25 Jan 2017

Over the last several years, the LED lighting trend has continued to grow and develop into energy saving dimming systems.

As part of this trend, wiring and cable companies have developed ways to reduce the time and labor to install these LED and Solid State dimming systems. In 2012, a Type MC-PCS Metal Clad Cable called MC Luminary Cable was introduced to the market. This new cable combined both the power and control circuits under one armor, eliminating the need to run two cables to one outlet.

What fittings should you use with MC Luminary Cable?
As a result of combining both the power and control circuits under one armor, the diameter of the cable became larger than a standard MC Cable. Unable to use standard MC fittings and connectors, contractors began to look for alternatives to install Type MC-PCS cables. Like most cables on the market, there are many options to choose from: solid, stranded, aluminum, steel, number of conductors, HCF or Multizone, etc. Choosing a connector isn’t quite as easy.

In 2016, AFC Fittings transitioned to a new brand called Konkore Fittings. This new brand features an expanded offering of electrical fittings, connectors and couplings for MC Cable and conduit products.

While Konkore Fittings has a variety of connectors and electrical fittings that can be used with traditional Type MC-PCS cable, you’ll also find just the electrical fittings and connectors that you need to connect to new MC Luminary Multizone and MC Luminary HCF® Cable. We’ve put together a few charts to help you learn which connectors to use with which cable. Whether the connector you need is 45° or 90°, insulated or uninsulated, these charts will help you pick the fitting that’s right for you.

The reference guides with charts are linked below for each of our MC Luminary Cable, MC Luminary MultiZone® Cable and MC Luminary HCF® Cable.

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