14 Mar 2019

AFC Cable Systems® Launches Luminary Fixture Whips

AFC Cable Systems® is excited to announce the launch of Luminary Fixture Whips for lighting, power, and appliance applications. Read more »

22 Feb 2019

AFC Price Increase Announcement: Effective February 27, 2019

Copper has continued to rise since our last increase.  This steady upswing is coupled with increases in aluminum, steel, zinc and freight. This necessitates the need to initiate another increase to be effective close of business Tuesday, February 26th. For specific details, please contact your local agent. Read more »

4 Feb 2019

AFC Price Increase Announcement: Effective February 6, 2019

With copper’s steady rise as well as continued pressure on other materials and freight, we’re announcing an increase to be effective close of business Tuesday, February 5th. New pricing will be in effect as of Wednesday, February 6th. For specific details, please contact your local agent. Read more »

24 Sep 2018

AFC Price Increase Announcement: Effective September 24, 2018

As all of you know, copper has been steadily rising over the past couple of weeks, and today jumped again significantly. We also continue to have pressure on non-copper related costs. We’re addressing these by announcing an increase on cable products effective close of business Monday, September 24th. Read more »

7 Sep 2018

Globally Recognized Flexicon® Conduit Solutions Now Offered Through AFC Cable Systems®

Flexicon® Limited, a leading manufacturer of flexible conduit solutions and fittings specifically designed for industrial and OEM sectors now offers its products for sale through AFC Cable Systems® as part of the Flexicon® Limited acquisition integration by Atkore International®, the parent company of AFC Cable Sy

30 Jul 2018

AFC Price Increase Announcement: Effective August 1, 2018

The volatility of copper over the past couple of weeks has driven pricing lower than justified. Read more »

30 Jul 2018

Freight Prepaid Policy Revision from July 16, 2018 – Effective Immediately

Freight Prepaid Policy Change Effective July 16, 2018 To Be Revised Immediately Per Below We continue to see freight increases in the 18% to 23% range. With fuel surcharges and carrier availability issues, the impact of freight continues to drive higher costs. Read more »

16 Jul 2018

Announcing MC Luminary Quik – An Even More Efficient Lighting Installation

We’re announcing the launch of the MC Luminary Quik™ designed for power and control of 0-10V dimmable fixtures as well as addressable lighting control systems. Read more »

10 Jul 2018

Gaylord Box Packaging Solution Now Available

We are proud to announce a new Gaylord box packaging solution. The Gaylord packaging solution is ideal for electrical contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) focused on prefabrication and agile off-site construction. Read more »

25 Jun 2018

Freight Prepaid Policy Change Effective: July 16, 2018

With freight increases in the 18% to 23% range, along with fuel surcharges and shortages of available trucks, the impact of freight is weighing heavily on all transactions. We, therefore, find it necessary to implement a new policy for our prepaid terms. Read more »

6 Jun 2018

AFC Price Increase Announcement: Effective June 11, 2018

With the weakening of the dollar, as well as a possible strike at the world’s largest copper mine, copper comex has spiked by more than $0.18 in the last 4 days. Read more »

18 May 2018

Non-Copper Materials Cost Coverage: Effective May 25, 2018

In response to customer feedback received after the issuance of our May 8th letter, we’re facilitating the pass through of our non-copper materials costs, addressing the need to be administered at a line level in order to ease the pass through to end users. Read more »

27 Apr 2018

North Carolina State Construction Office Now Allows Type MC Cable

Decades ago, when Type MC Cable first became approved for use by the National Electric Code (NEC), some states and municipalities were hesitant to accept the new wiring method preferring to maintain using traditional methods. Read more »

26 Apr 2018

AFC Price Increase Announcement: Effective June 18, 2018

We continue to see dramatic rises in costs to steel, aluminum, freight and other components of our products; and this is before the impact of the Section 232 Tariffs on steel and aluminum. This necessitates an additional increase of approximately 6% to our Flex and LiquidTuff product lines. Read more »

30 Mar 2018

AFC Price Increase Announcement: Effective April 5, 2018

We’re all very aware that costs continue to rise. These higher costs are impacting all products. Freight costs have increased dramatically, with fuel surcharges as well as shortages in flatbed and van availability; and this, all in advance of ELD (Electronically Logged Data). Read more »

16 Feb 2018

Price Increase Notification

Cable Product Price Increase effective close of business, Monday, February 19, 2018. Flex and LT Price Increase effective March 1, 2018. Read more »

9 Feb 2018

Reduce Toxic Gas Emissions During an Emergency with Low Smoke Zero Halogen Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduits

To reduce the quantity of toxic gas and smoke during combustion, AFC Cable Systems® offers a line of Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduits(LFMC). Read more »

26 Sep 2017

NOTICE: Cables Exposed to Flood Waters

Armored and metal-clad cables from AFC Cable Systems® are intended for dry location use and should be replaced when exposed to extensive moisture and contamination resulting from flood waters. Electrical cable can be extremely dangerous when exposed to water. Read more »

1 Jun 2017

Prefabricated solutions – Labor Savings alternative for repetitive installations

Contractors that install wiring for hotels, condos, dorm rooms, apartments etc. have many repetitive installation layouts and devices. These projects have multiple instances of duplication with minimal differences. Read more »

31 Mar 2017

2017 Product of the Year Winner for MC Luminary MultiZone®

AFC Cable systems is the 2017 Product of the Year Winner for MC Luminary MultiZone® Cable in the Wire & Cable Category in Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine (EC&M). Read more »

8 Feb 2017

Use of Flexible Conduits in Structural Joints – AFC in a NEMA Podcast

Flexible conduit for electrical wiring installation continues to gain market acceptance. We attribute this to the ease of installation compared to traditional methods because they require less physical labor to install. Many of these installations are standard commercial and industrial applications. Read more »

25 Jan 2017

What Fittings Should I Use with Type MC-PCS Cables?

Over the last several years, the LED lighting trend has continued to grow and develop into energy saving dimming systems. As part of this trend, wiring and cable companies have developed ways to reduce the time and labor to install these LED and Solid State dimming systems. Read more »

28 Dec 2015

New Training Available on AFC’s Packaging Solutions

AFC Cable Systems® has added additional trainings to Atkore University. Learn about AFC’s packaging solutions including MC Barrel Pack and Pack N’ Roll products as well as the MC SnapIt. Included in this training are videos on how to use both the MC SnapIt and the Pack N’ Roll products. Read more »

11 Aug 2015

AFC Wins tEd Magazine’s Best of the Best Award 2015 for MC Luminary Cable

MC Luminary Cable™ has received tED (the Electrical Distributor) magazine’s Best of the Best 2015 award in the product launch category. In announcing the award, competition organizers cited the creativity of the MC Luminary marketing material and training program, as well as video and print ads. Read more »

25 Jun 2015

Announcing MC Luminary® Jacketed Cable

AFC Cable Systems® announces MC Luminary Jacketed Cable Type MC-PCS, an addition to its Luminary line of Metal-Clad Cables, which combine electric lighting and control circuits under a single interlocked armor. Read more »

10 Jun 2015

AFC Reaches 99% Compliance in IDW

AFC Cable is proud to announce that we have recently achieved 99% compliance within IDEA’s Data Certification Program. This program was designed to measure the item-level completeness and quality of the data available within the Industry Data Warehouse (IDW). Read more »

9 Apr 2015

MC Luminary Cable is 2015 Product of the Year at EC&M Magazine

AFC Cable Systems® is the 2015 Product of the Year Winner for MC Luminary Cable™ Type MC-PCS in the Wire & Cable Category in Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine (EC&M). Read more »

9 Apr 2015

AFC Cable from 1928 found in 1860’s Victorian Home

In the small town of Enfield, NH, a home owner was renovating his 1860’s Victorian home when he came across some old wiring from 1928. What he found was 14-2 Steel B&S Gage armored cable from American Flexible Conduit Company which is now known as AFC Cable Systems®. Read more »

12 Jan 2015

AFC Star Rewards Continues into 2015

We are continuing our AFC Stars Rewards program for distribution partners into 2015. Participants earn points with every purchase from AFC Cable Systems®. These points can then be used towards great rewards such as computers, cameras, gift cards, iPads and more. Read more »

13 Oct 2014

Announcing AC-Plus

AFC Cable Systems has developed a new cable called AC-Plus, made with a neutral per phase construction. It reduces the labor and installation costs that using multiple 12/2 AC-90 products require by providing the necessary neutral per phase conductors. Read more »

10 Oct 2014

Announcing MC Luminary

AFC is proud to announce the launch of a new product called MC Luminary Cable™. This new MC Luminary Cable™ is built to solve one specific and time-consuming problem: installation of dimming systems. Over the years, lighting systems have become more efficient with increased use of LED and fluorescent capabilities. Read more »

13 Jun 2014

Double Point Rewards on All Products Through July 31

Throughout the years AFC Cable Systems®, Inc. (AFC), has shown appreciation for our electrical distribution partners. In October 2013, AFC launched the AFC Stars Rewards program for distributors. Participants earn points with every purchase from AFC Cable Systems®. Read more »