Job site conditions such as weather, clutter and human error have always had negative effects on quality and productivity.

At ACS/Uni-Fab, we assemble components to exacting standards ion a controlled environment and delivery products to you, ready to install. So you can get the job done right while saving time and money. Our Pre-Fabricated Device Assembly solutions are truly a “job-in-a-box” allowing us to custom design, build and package to meet your project needs.

The ACS/Uni-Fab Pre-Fabricated Device Assemblies provides a custom electrical raceway solution for rapid installation of electrical receptacles, light switches, GFCI’s and assemblies for ceiling and wall fixtures. Our Pre-Fab Assemblies are ideal for hotels, condominiums, student housing, healthcare spaces, and retail applications. The ACS/Uni-Fab Device Assembly Solutions range from the simple Assembly Required, which provides the installer with standard box, bracket, ring, device to the fully engineered solution which provides installation drawings and custom pre-assembled components and cabling.

Let ACS/Uni-Fab handle the complexities of materials management to suit your projects needs. We work with you to plan your project from design through installation. We provide you with the right pre-assembled components packaged by room to eliminate running around to get needed materials. Our fully engineered solution saves time and money by eliminating the need to cut branch circuit cabling and having to wait on the right components. The ACS/Uni-Fab team of designers and engineers will optimize your total project time to assure you get what you want exactly when you want it. Just give us your project schedule and let our “job- in- a -box” solution assist your team with their next project.